Panic Attacks While Public Speaking in Public


Public speaking is a very common fear. When you’re prone to panic attacks, public speaking can really push your anxiety buttons. What exactly triggers panic attacks when speaking in public?I know I used to turn red just standing up in a classroom and having to speak. Speaking in front of a group turned me bright red, and my heart would be racing, I just wish I knew how to stop panic attacks back then. What about office meetings? Do they make you uncomfortable also? If you’re put on the spot and have to express an opinion, do you have a panic attack? I know that it was extremely stressful, and while I knew what I wanted to say, and actually spoke, I was so overwhelmed inside, it was horrible. My pulse would be racing, I’d feel this throbbing in my head, my face would turn bright red, and my breathing would get more rapid. Let’s face it; sometimes it was really difficult to get the words out. I was capable of offering information, but the fact that I was having a panic attack made it feel near impossible. Now I know how to keep panic away, and you can too with the Panic Away program. You’ll be able to overcome panic attacks and finally feel comfortable with public speaking.What exactly are people afraid of during panic attacks during public speaking?Overcoming panic attacks means peace of mind. When you’re afraid of having a panic attach, you freeze up and are afraid you won’t be able to speak or are afraid the words won’t come out properly. This is more than jitters; this is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling when placed in front of other people. It’s a very threatening feeling inside, not your typical nerves. Unless you’ve experienced a panic attack, they can be difficult to express the fear and panic that goes along with them. What should you do if you experience a panic attack?Anxiety attacks often feel worse then they actually are. While they may overwhelm you, there’s isn’t an actual danger to you. This is an internal thing, and you can control the situation. Listen, a really great tip when it comes to public speaking is trying to remember it’s about the message you’re trying to convey, not about you. Take the focus off of yourself, and realize the information your expressing is good information. So many people have a fear of public speaking, but when you mix in anxiety attacks, it can be frustrating. The first thing I’d recommend to push panic away, is to look into a panic away program.Just because you’ve had anxiety attacks in the past, doesn’t mean you’ll have them for life. There is help, and there are ways to overcome your panic attacks.

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