Learn What Real Confidence in Public Speaking Is!

”; Confidence in Public SpeakingIf you ever want to be a “confident public speaker”, then it is absolutely crucial that you know what confidence really is before you resume your quest for confidence. Lots of people tell me that they would like to be “a more confident speaker”, or that they would like to be Continue reading

How To Get Over the Fear of Public Speaking: 4 Techniques That Will Help You Win and conquer

Public speaking is not a new concept. The ancient Greeks held public speaking forums, and throughout history it is known to have existed. Even so, for today’s orator there seems to be so much attached to the art of public speaking.|For today’s speaker there seems to be much attached to the art of public speaking. Continue reading

5 Most Effective Ways to be Relaxed While Public Speaking

The day of that important presentation… The day of shaking knees, butterflies in the stomach and nervous smiles…   It is quite common for people to tense up before or during a presentation. It’s a proven fact that public speaking is one of the biggest fears we have. This is especially true, when someone is new Continue reading