7 Benefits of Prosperity Conscious Thinking for Public Speakers


You attract everything you have in your business – your clients, your prospects and even your level of success!  In the professional speaking business, the first thing to learn is that the law of attraction is a vital strategy that will help your public speaking career grow and become the success you want it to be.If you’re serious about starting a motivational speaking business, prosperity consciousness is your lifeline to success.  You must learn to think in terms of attracting the kind of business, sales and clients you want.  You must study proven methods and strategies that work to enhance yourself as a marketable commodity.  To do the opposite (poverty conscious thinking) would be the death of your career in speaking as a professional business.  Here are some ways that the law of attraction can benefit you when starting a motivational speaking business.Benefit #1:  The law of attraction helps you land speaking jobs you never thought you could.At first it may seem that you’ll be using the wealth attraction principles just to get jobs but as you become more known in your niche, you’ll be going after more lucrative speaking engagements. Benefit #2:  Find niche engagements quicker and easier.  Marketable ideas will come to you as you use them in the right place, at the right time.  That’s the laws of attraction working for you!Benefit #3:  Find higher paying clients.  When starting a motivational speaking business, attract the kind of clients who can pay you the money you want.  Sure, you may start off at a base rate or an introductory rate, but you won’t be there for long in your public speaking career when you’ve got wealth creation principles working for you.Benefit #4:  Make it a win-win for your client and draw larger crowds.  The more value you can bring for your clients (such as the ability to draw huge crowds), the more marketable you become.  One of the many public speaking tips I learned was to create a win-win situation for every job.  That way, the more business I drummed for my clients, the more likely I would receive a repeat invitation to the following year’s event.Benefit #5:  The laws of attraction bring other ideas to you so you can expand your business.  You’ve heard me say that one idea can make all the difference and many of you have learnt that ideas are the real wealth nuggets we need to create more and more money.  Let the law of attraction bring those ideas to your mind.Benefit #6:  Attract the buyers you need for the other services you provide.  Your public speaking business doesn’t only encompass your speaking fee, but also mentorship programs, audio and video sets, as well as books and other training materials.  The law of attraction will also help to make every aspect of your business a success!Benefit #7:  Help others develop prosperity conscious thinking!  One of the greatest rewards of your public speaking career is helping others develop a wealth creation mindset.  Believe it or not, you can use the laws of attraction to help you do just that.  Attract the people to your public speaking engagements who are potential wealth creators in the making!You can attract everything you can ever want or need in your public speaking career.  In fact, just because you aren’t using the law of attraction doesn’t mean you aren’t attracting anything.  It just means that you aren’t actively controlling what you’re attracting!  Think about that!  Build the professional speaking career you want using the law of attraction today!*Attn Ezine editors/Site owners**Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site as long as you leave all links in place. You may not modify the content and must include our resource box as listed above. You may sign up as an affiliate at BigMoneySpeaker.com and insert your affiliate links.http://www.GetSpeakingJobs.com is where you can find over 100+ hours of downloadable audio and video lessons that will show you how to make $100,000 to $1,000,000 dollars PER YEAR as a professional speaker. James Malinchak, the author of this article can be your online business coach and mentor. Simply visit http://www.GetSpeakingJobs.com to get started today with several FREE professional speaking audio recordings.

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