3 Daily Public Speaking Exercises

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You become what you consistently practice so practice consistently for the person you want to become public speaking is one of those things that is very hard to hold yourself accountable to if you’re running a marathon with a friend, there’s a clear goal run the marathon and if Your friend knocks on your door at 5:00am

Are you going to get out of your house and run that marathon, but with public speaking? It’s a lot trickier because it’s harder for you to do those types of exercises without that clear goal, and that’s exactly why this week’s episode of the master talk will be elaborating on my three daily exercises to help you master your talk on a daily basis.

Hi everyone, I hope, you’re having a fantastic week Brendan from the master talk here and today we are talking about the daily practices. So, let’s get into number one. The random word exercise. I absolutely love this drill, because, if you can master it, you’ll be in the top 1 % of public speakers.

The random exercise is simple: all you do is you have a friend give you a random word in the dictionary that you need to then build an introduction from this is very interesting, because, if you’re able to master this you’ll have a lot less stress in presentations, you’ll also learn to think on your feet.

Faster and you’ll be able to give presentations like spontaneous ones, specifically out of the cusp. I know this is recording and I might be cheating, but let’s use the camera as an example to demonstrate these shots.

The shots that you take don’t just picture their experiences. Their moments don’t just last for yesterday for today or even tomorrow, but for a lifetime of shots, as you can see from the way that I just created a random introduction from the camera.

You can then use that for multiple different words and practice. Five words for five minutes: every single day, number two forced silence, drills. The biggest difference between great speakers and exceptional ones, is their ability to use silences as a way to make their present better and for silence.

Drills help you make those differences by making your silence is better and more strategic in your presentations, so the exercise is very simpler and it’s a lot easier to do with the partner. All you do.

Are you have a partner record. You give a presentation right so you’re, giving the presentation for a minute or two and then in the second recording of the presentation. Your partner is then going to point at you at specific parts of the presentation where he wants you to pause like so and then, as you’re speaking when you watch both recordings, you will be shocked to see that the second recording sounds so much better with silences.

In them, this done on a daily basis will help. You believe that silences will make you better and will also help you strategically weave them into your presentations. So you can become world-class number three.

The endless gaze building upon my last tip about for silence, drills exceptional speakers can pause not just for two, three, or five seconds, but for a long period of time, whether that time happens to be 30 seconds or even a couple of minutes.

So the endless gaze exercise is very simple: the next time you’re practicing silence drills with your partner. Don’t just pause them for a couple of seconds, but pause them for very long periods of time since you’re the only member of the audience.

Your partner is forced to just look at you for that period of time and not make it look awkward and just keep looking at you endlessly, and that way by mastering your endless gaze you’ll be able to gaze into the eyes of your audiences for an indefinite Period of time, as always, if you enjoyed this week’s episode of the master talk, be sure to smash that, like button and subscribe to the YouTube channel as well, to see more videos like this and if there’s anything I’ll leave you off with its this, you become what You consistently practice so as long as you use these tips to get better on a daily basis.

I believe you’ll be 10 steps closer to mastering your public speaking. Everyone has a fantastic week and see you next time.

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