How To Speak With Confidence & Authority (3 EASY TRICKS!)

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Why are you so shy? Come on, speak up a little, be more confident. That’s what people used to say to me when I began my journey, and I heard that from teachers girls, you name it left to right and center and tell you insider it wasn’t until I discovered these three things.

I’m gonna share with you today, especially the final one things began to change. People began to treat me seriously. I was able to increase my wealth, my relationship, and so forth as a result, and that’s why I’m so excited to share my view.

These three points so make sure to pay close attention without further ado. Let’s go into the first thing, which is to stop making your statements sound. Like a question, you gotta share what you believe in with absolute conviction.

The only way that happens is this by you. Not going like this, would your tonality such as is that making sense instead you go down. Is that making sense more certainty? Compare this? This is a great pen.

This is great pen notice, the difference so you’ll notice, insider just by tonality, going up or down. It makes a huge difference in regards to how something is perceived now. This is where I struggled a lot with, because my background, I suffer from social anxiety for many years, severe social anxiety, whilst homebound pretty much every single day.

I was just locking myself in my room as a result, I was always looking to people please. I was always looking for validation from other people. As a result, when somebody asked me my opinion, my tonality always used to go up because subconsciously if you’re somebody who can resonate with being shy, we seek validation and that’s what we were scared.

We’Re scared of going down we’d rather go up, and that way we are less likely to tread on other people’s toes and talk about treading on other people’s toes. That goes perfectly onto the second point realize this insider, even if you’re the most perfect speaker on this planet with a perfect tonality cadence, you name it all of the BS stuff that you may have come across, which some of it, I don’t agree with, even if You’Re, the most perfect speaker realize that the best speakers that have changed history or best entrepreneurs that I’ve created billion-dollar companies they’re not essentially the best speakers in the world and yet they’re able to create huge amount of success.

Why? Because they drop low the truth bombs. They know what they believe in and they’re willing to stand up for it when you find the thing insider that you’re willing to stand in front of a bus for to defend it and you’re able to speak with that amount of conviction, people naturally believe in you.

People think wow this person’s confident. Why? Because confident people, one of the things I learned from studying a lot of confident people, because I used to be very shine, confident people believe in their message, so much believed in themselves so much they are not people pleasing they’re not looking to please others.

They speak up for what they believe in look at all of influencers insider. You follow online, which you agreed. They drop low, the truth bombs. Would you agree. This is why you like them, because they’ve given up the need to be liked, give it up because realize this, you think people care about you, but in reality people really don’t they’re too busy worrying what you are thinking of them.

Everybody features in the movie called my life, walking around thinking the cameras all on us lights on on us, but realize your next-door neighbor everybody around you they’re all thinking, actually the cameras all on me, so everybody walks around in the movie called my life you’re.

The main act in your movie, I realize the person next, you they’re the main actor. Nobody cares about you to speak up for what you believe in. Naturally, that makes you appear really confident. Naturally, that is the one thing that makes you a great speaker.

So be sure to own that the third is use the power of pause. I talk about this a lot pausing, but today I’ll get a little bit deeper in regards to why you should pause, realize that we’ve got an awkward meter in our mind, depending on how self-conscious shy you are you’re.

Awkward meter is going to be maybe milliseconds before you feel the need to fill in the blank um like you know what I mean by filling the blank, these random words you just kind of chuck out there, because you don’t like pauses.

Firstly, if you look at any president’s talking, what do they all do they pause? Why? Well? There are two reasons. The first reason it allows the audience to think about what you’ve just said. Second reason: it allows you to think about what you’ve just said as well, and what you’re gonna follow up with if you’re gonna just speak, like this, hey insiders how you doing today, I’m gonna be sharing the three things you got to know in Order for you to become a confident speaker and then gonna feel at the end of it you’re gonna be like it’s absolutely amazing.

You’Ll, be like. Oh, my god, Tim I’ll, come at you. I come at you We’ll connect all of the thoughts cuz you’re speaking so fast you’re like I’m. What can I just seem in here, but the moment I pause.

You now think, if you’re somebody who self-conscious right now, something like me, okay, because by the way, I’m quite self-conscious, believe it or not, I’m still shy to this day. I just manage it quite well.

You want to begin to stretch this muscle where you are extending this pause time. I jump onto a stage nowadays, people give me a massive round pause right when I go on and then I stand right at the front of the stage and I just look at them.

I don’t even say a word just look at them with a big smile and I’ll look at each one in the eyes and ten seconds. It shows absolute certainty before I even begin to say anything use the power of pause, get rid of filler words if you’ve got the tendency to use filler words like um, like that is a very bad low status, behavior that people will perceive you as shy.

If you were to keep on doing that, so make sure you pause instead. Is that making sense by the way? Was this pretty awesome, but I hope you found this video helpful insider if you have be sure to click the like button comment below: what’s been your biggest takeaway and I’ll, be sure to get back to you and also insider if you’re new to our channel we’ll Be sure to click that subscribe button because we got awesome content coming your way.

I’ve created video insider. Where I talk about confidence, how you can increase it in less than five minutes. I put it up right now on the screen and, as always, follow your heart. My friend and take action I’ll see you on the next video take care.

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